Snow in Glen Nevis Feb 2016


We seem to be locked in a continuous freeze thaw cycle this Winter as El Nino continues to anomalise the usually fairly predictable weather patterns.

In the Highlands we are experiencing either torrential rain, with wind gusts typifying 60mph, or we have days of high pressure weather patterns resulting in magical scenes of ice and snow.


The Spruces and Pines always work their magic shapes in snowy weather and the belt of conifers below, which run along the side of the road half way down Glen Nevis look especially picturesque when dusted with fresh dry snow but you have to work fast before little cyclonic wind eddies stir up from nowhere, and cause the branches to shake themselves free of the freshly fallen snow.



There are some particularly graceful water slides slicing their way down the mountain sides to join with the River Nevis and we plunge down through knee deep snow to admire the Spruces which cluster all the way along the water cascade. This slide is Allt a’Choire Dheirg which carves its way down from Coire Dearg off Mullch nan Coirean.



It’s nearly dark by the time David makes this photograph, and it’s bitterly cold, but happily the Thermos flask of hot tea is waiting ready to warm us up before we head home.


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