A petrified cascade of shattered rock, minerals, iron oxides and lichen seem to flow down the blue-green slate walls of an abandoned quarry above Coniston. These old workings provide a rich source of material for the mind to weave its imaginative narratives around. Ambiguities of scale, searching for pattern in the chaos and the contemplation of the deep time of geological process draw us back to the quarries again and again; shapes and cast shadows, colour and texture, and always the unsettling feelings of tension, of tonnes of rock locked in an uneasy equillibrium, skitters of falling stones hint at opening faults and the possibilities of impending rock fall.

Location and conditions

abandoned quarry near Coniston

bright overcast, showers, south west wind, mild

Technical notes

camera: Linhof Master Technika 5×4 camera.

lens: 210mm rodenstock lens

exposure: 1sec f45

film: fuji provia RDP 5×4