Scots Pine

Clinging tenaciously to the edge of the gorge of the River Nevis are a number of beautiful Scots Pine trees. They make wonderful subjects for a camera but can be rather problematic for modern super sharp lenses where every twig in both foreground and background are revealed in too much conflicting clarity.

The ancient Zeiss lens used in this image, with its super fast (for large format) aperture of f2.7, is ideal for an atmospheric rendering of these complicated forms. It isolated a thin focus plane, leaving the background to float off into an atmospheric haze; dark and mysterious.

Location and conditions

Glen Nevis

mid morning, dull overcast, mild

Technical notes

camera: Linhof Master Technika 5×4 field camera

lens: zeiss jena 165mm lens

exposure: 2sec f2.7 (9 stop ND)

film: kodak Tmax 100 5×4