How many people, I wonder, would walk past a scene such as this and see an ugly man made scar? Particularly in the Lakes these land-scrapes are to be passed quickly, if at all, and certainly not explored.

I have to say that they absolutely fascinate us – this is the underlying stuff that makes the Lake District, not weathered and lichen encrusted but fresh and vibrant. Leeched minerals and slow oxidization turn the exposed bedrock into exuberant colour and texture – gold, bronze, lilac, cobalt…..for those with enough imagination these are places of beauty, sometimes savage, and always compelling.

Location and conditions

Quarry above Coniston

late morning, overcast, mild

Technical notes

camera: Toyo 10×8 field camera

lens: 450mm nikkor lens

exposure: 1sec f64

film: fuji velvia RVP 10×8