Quarry Larch, detail

Complimentary textures and colours of rock and autumnal larch branches. This is a recurring theme in our photography; the redemptive reclaiming of abandoned Lake District quarries by the natural world.

During the last fifteen to twenty years we have watched this particular quarry go from a site of intensive industrial activity to one of the most strangely magical places in the area. The regrowth is now almost complete – mature trees grow tall and straight in the shelter of the quarry walls, high rock ledges are home to Peregrine Falcons and Jackdaws, wildflowers have moved in and now thrive in sheltered glades.

Location and conditions

abandoned quarry near Tilberthwaite

late autumn, overcast, still, occasional drizzle

Technical notes

camera: Linhof Master Technika 5×4 camera

lens: nikkor 300mm lens

exposure: 1/2sec f32

film: fuji velvia RVP 5×4