Levers Water Beck

The subtle interplay of geology, clarity of the water, steepness and accessibility makes Levers Water Beck one of our favourite locations. Many, many happy days have been spent slowly exploring the beck from Coniston village up into the strange and austere beauty of Coppermines Valley and beyond.The two elements of rock and water and their interactions are what this place is all about.

In this particular set of waterfalls the outcropping, iron rich bedrock throws a great plume of fast flowing water over itself whilst in the foreground hollow the water is sucked down into a graceful concave arc; neatly mirroring the plume above.

Location and conditions

Levers Water Beck, Coniston

mid afternoon, light breeze, bright overcast

Technical notes

camera: Toyo 10×8 field camera

lens: 450mm Nikkor lens

exposure: 1sec. f45

film: fuji provia RDP 10×8