Great Gable

This photograph neatly sums up working with a 10×8 camera during the winter, long hours of nothing, then….This is my diary entry:

‘up to Hollow Stones and, cannot believe it – weather closed in again on my arrival. A solid wall of snow, hail and then sleet swept in – just enough time to pitch the tent. Almost four hours sat in the cloud and rain! none too impressed to be caught out again. Packed up and walked over to Lingmell for the evening. Pitched the tent for shelter, set up the camera and then the clouds began to break. Made an exposure of Gable as cloud streamed off the summit (600mm 1/4 f22). As I walked down Lingmell as the sun set the snow was a rich ultramarine, quite beautiful. Back to the car after dark’ . 10hrs’

Location and conditions


strong westerly wind, late afternoon

Technical notes

camera: Toyo 10×8 field camera

lens: nikkor 600mm lens

exposure: 1/4sec f22

film: fuji velvia RVP 10×8