As we walked down to the lakeshore in the early morning, thick mist lay in opalescent wreaths through the woods and over the lake. The filtered light appeared to be increasing so we set up the camera by the lakeshore – more in hope than expectation. Often landscape photography is like that. Very often the camera goes back in the bag without an exposure being made as the hoped for image fails to materialise. Occasionally however, things do come together… The mist suddenly, and quite without warning, drifted off into the lake and sunlight streamed in to create a fogbow. We waited until we had the decisive moment; the trailing edge of the fogbow perfectly mirroring the fence on the left, and then the exposure was made.

Location and conditions


early morning, clearing mist, warm

Technical notes

camera: hasselblad 503cw camera

lens: 150mm sonnar lens

exposure: 1/30sec f11

film: fuji velvia RVP 6x6cm