Dungeon Ghyll

Diary notes: Sunday 28th June – from Sticklebarn.

Hot, humid day spent exploring the confines of Dungeon Ghyll. Forecast was for overcast but the sun shone intensely which rather spoilt the plan. At the top waterfall however the weather broke with a heavy downpour so we hid for an hour amongst the huge boulders before heading back down the gill. On the way back we came across this graceful waterfall with ferns, grasses, colourful mosses and rock saturated after the rain. Made an exposure (4sec@f64 with the 450mm lens). On emerging from the gill threatening clouds had gathered around Bowfell and the storm broke with torrential rain and thunder soon after. 6hrs.

Location and conditions

Dungeon Ghyll, Great Langdale

warm, still, overcast

Technical notes

camera: Toyo 10×8 field camera

lens: 450mm Nikkor lens

exposure: 4sec. f64

film: fuji velvia RVP 10×8