Dark Clouds Descend

As we walked slowly up from Buttermere in warm sunshine, heavy snow showers drifted darkly over the central fells. A keen wind was blowing so we pitched the tent to give some shelter, and waited. Shower after shower passed with growing intensity until late afternoon when a dense snow storm blotted out Great Gable, coinciding with a brief flash of sunlight on Scarth Gap. Fat goose feather snowflakes soon began to fall and the wind dropped, quickly covering the tent in a soft white blanket.

Location and conditions

Haystacks from Rannerdale Knott

late afternoon. heavy snow showers. north westerly wind

Technical notes

camera: Linhof master technika 5×4 camera

lens: 600mm nikkor lens

exposure: 1/60sec f16

film: fuji provia RDP 5×4