Autumn Larch, Moss Rigg

In the shelter of the high quarry walls the Larch trees at the bottom of the quarry grow straight and tall. They live a sheltered existence, far from the worst of the Lakeland weather, and utterly different to the gnarled and windswept specimens which grow along the quarries rim.

Shelter also means that the trees hang on to their needles for a good while longer than their exposed relatives and makes for a colourful subject during the late autumn; contrasting textures of harsh angular slate and rock walls emphasising the soft foliage of the Larch.

Location and conditions

Moss Rigg Quarry

late afternoon, warm, soft diffuse light

Technical notes

camera: Toyo 10×8 field camera

lens: nikkor 800mm lens

exposure: 2sec f45

film: fuji provia RDP 10×8