Christmas Day 2016


Happy Christmas from the Highlands!  Our tree which we cut 2 weeks ago is looking very happy and festive; and behaving perfectly on the needle drop front.

It’s Christmas Day and as the turkey roasts in the oven, we take a walk up through Inchree, and this land of christmas trees. As we walk up through a Hansel and Gretel forest; the scent of pine has a fresh green fragrance that lifts the senses.




Here is a completely unexpected christmas decoration that we came across, as the road tops out on the forest track. The white sign announces it as ‘Pixies Hollow’; placed here in the last few days and tucked away perfectly on the side of the bank it looks as if it has been here for always. You just never know what treasures you’re going to find around the corner. The landscape is truly loved here; and it reminds us very much of the Icelandic myths and beliefs of trolls, pixies and elves.


At the bottom of the trail is the Red Squirrel reserve and we always finish the walk by checking out the feeders; the best day so far has been the sight of 5 red squirrels; one on each feeder. This remind me to resume my hunt when we get back, for our suet log. Freshly filled on Saturday and tied firmly on to the bird feeder; it was last seen 3 days days ago. The Pine Martens have been at it again, little scamps.

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