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Laggan Dam & Creag Meagaidh

“I don’t do dams” the lady said dramatically, clasping the back of her hand to her forehead. “Er why is that?” my friend asked somewhat nervously. “Dams! Can’t bear them. I can’t even look at them!”.  “But you keep your eyes on the road, surely? You don’t have to look”. “No, no, I just can’t […]

Spring Frogs and Lizards

You start the day off a few hundred paces into a a walk and before you know it there’s a common lizard enjoying the first Spring weather, almost under your feet. Focussing in on the pattern on his (or her – how can you tell?) body he (or she) is a beautiful patterns of chocolate, […]

Snow in Glen Nevis Feb 2016

We seem to be locked in a continuous freeze thaw cycle this Winter as El Nino continues to anomalise the usually fairly predictable weather patterns. In the Highlands we are experiencing either torrential rain, with wind gusts typifying 60mph, or we have days of high pressure weather patterns resulting in magical scenes of ice and […]

Glenachulish January 2016

Nearly confrontational in their stance, these sculptural shapes reared into view as we scrambled up off the road in Glenachulish (Gleann a Chaolais) to make a photograph of the curving mountain amphitheater in snow. Like a pair of outsize dream catchers, or the skeleton wheels from some long forgotten wagon, these bleached and wind weathered […]

Christmas Day 2016

Happy Christmas from the Highlands!  Our tree which we cut 2 weeks ago is looking very happy and festive; and behaving perfectly on the needle drop front. It’s Christmas Day and as the turkey roasts in the oven, we take a walk up through Inchree, and this land of christmas trees. As we walk up through […]

Pap of Glencoe

Just 15 minutes drive from home Sgorr na Ciche, or the Pap of Glencoe, is a seemingly innocuous hill from down in the village of Glencoe. It reveals its full demands however when you finally get up to the col and realise there’s still 40 minutes of slogging, pretty much straight up, before you can stand […]

Cut your own Christmas Tree!

We had a fantastic weekend joining The Nevis Partnership in Glen Nevis where we were able to be a lumberjack (and lumber jill) for the day. What could be better than getting to cut your own christmas tree?! The Nevis Partnership http://www.nevispartnership.co.uk are a body passionate about safeguarding, conservation, and considered management of the landscape […]

We’ve moved!

……To the Scottish Highlands! What a massive year it’s been. New house, new locations. Big skyscapes!  A fresh perspective, by the sea no less, from the peninsula at Onich enjoying the views which sweep down the Loch towards Mull. We’ve spent the Summer settling in to this fantastic area with its rich mix of wildlife; […]

Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Jacket

Mountain Hardware have been smashing it on expeditions this last year, particularly in Alaska with their Absolute Zero Parka. Closer to home and its their micro baffled down jacket, the Ghost Whisperer that I love wearing again.   This is a layering piece, or a top layer depending on the conditions and can provide active, […]