unsworth photographic

Working as a creative partnership, Angie and David Unsworth are passionate about their craft.

The cameras and methods used give an indication of their ‘no compromise’ approach to landscape photography. The large format 5×4 and 10×8 field cameras are everything that a modern camera is not. They are heavy, cumbersome, have no electronics and require a large support (tripod) to maintain stability whilst making an exposure. Focusing under a darkcloth on a ground glass screen must seem to many absurd in this day and age – yet these cameras, with their lineage harking back to the earliest photographers of the 19th century, also have their place with contemporary landscape photographers.

For every gallery image presented on the website here, and for all our prints, the resulting film is drum scanned and presented exactly how the sheet film is; no photoshop, no lightroom, indeed no adjustments are made at any stage. What you see is exactly how the film looks, nothing more and nothing less.

The core of this work is all about slowing down. It is about spending the time in a landscape; seeking the corners and finding landscapes within landscapes; getting closer to the real experience – with the eyes constantly alternating between scales and distances, reading the landscape in an intuitive manner whilst walking, climbing or just being there. The images are designed to work on an emotional level and follow the ‘beauty through subtraction’ ethos; those landscape fragments which somehow encapsulate a wider truth.